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Our mission continues to be what it has always been—to provide support and education to young people who stutter, their families, and clinicians. Instilling a sense of empowerment, providing an environment where feelings of isolation disappear and growing confidence and self-esteem continues to be the foundation of our vision. We want our young people who stutter to know they are strong, they have support, they are not alone, and they have FRIENDS who will listen to them.

For Kids and Teens

Increase your confidence

Meet others who stutter

Find role models who stutter

Have fun talking!

Learn about stuttering

For Parents

Meet other parents & share experiences

Hear tips and support from fellow parents & young people who stutter

Join in roundtable discussions

Find out what you can do to support your child

For SLPs & Teachers

Receive invaluable education & CEUs by the Stuttering Foundation

Gain more confidence in working with people who stutter & their families

Learn more about stuttering, effective social/clinical strategies, & support services

Read 2017 Convention Reflections

“Thank you very much granting our family a FRIENDS scholarship. It was very critical in allowing us to attend the

conference this year.”

A Snippet:

Watch a parent group underway during a FRIENDS convention. In this discussion, parents share their families’ experiences with stuttering and respond to the question, “How has your child’s stuttering affected you?”


The FRIENDS Annual Convention is a fantastic place for speech-language pathologists and students to learn more about stuttering, current treatments and the support available to people who stutter, while earning 1.15 ASHA CEUs.

This activity is offered for 1.15 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area)


At the completion of the conference, participants are able to:

  • Explain the relationship between effective intervention, support services, and self-esteem in children and adolescents who stutter;
  • Identify social and clinical strategies for supporting children who stutter and their families;
  • Apply problem-solving skills to address common treatment obstacles.

Read Financial and Non-Financial Disclosures

Financial: Lee Caggiano – Private practice specializing in stuttering; Heather Grossman – Private practice specializing in stuttering; Joe Klein – Receives a salary from Appalachian State University; Sara MacIntyre – FRIENDS One-Day Conference Director (compensated, monthly stipend); Rita Thurman – Private practice specializing in stuttering; Patty Walton – Pro-Ed Inc.: Royalty


Non-Financial: Lee Caggiano – FRIENDS President (non-compensated); Heather Grossman – none; Joe Klein – none; Sara MacIntyre – none; Rita Thurman – none; Patty Walton – none

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