Families, Professionals and FRIENDS Working Together

What you can expect at a one-day workshop?

FUN! You’ll also find support, information and meet other people dedicated to living successfully with stuttering.
The workshop format includes presentations, small discussion groups, panel presentations and group activities. Children, teens, siblings, parents and speech-language pathologists attend sessions geared specifically toward their individual needs.
Children’s programming is activity-based and focuses on feelings about and strategies for dealing with stuttering. This programming is facilitated by speech-language pathologists and members of the adult stuttering community.

2017 One-Day Conferences

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The flyers below can be downloaded, printed and shared with clients, friends or family that may benefit from our One Day Conferences.

For Families

The FRIENDS one-day conference is a wonderful opportunity for families to come together and learn about stuttering while meeting other people who are dealing with similar struggles.

For Parents

  • Learn how to best support your child
  • Meet other parents of children who stutter
  • Share experiences and concerns with people who “get it”

For Children

  • Meet others who stutter
  • Have fun talking!
  • Learn about stuttering
  • Increase your confidence communicating

For SLPs and SLP students

The FRIENDS one-day conference is also a fantastic place for speech-language pathologists and students to learn more about stuttering, current treatments and the support available to people who stutter, while earning .5 CEUs.

  • Participants will be able to describe effective intervention strategies for children who stutter and their families.
  • Understand need for management approach to childhood stuttering that includes parents, professionals and support networks.
  • Identify specific social and clinical strategies for supporting children who stutter and their families.


 This activity is offered for 0.5 CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area)

Heather Grossman – Private practice specializing in stuttering; is receiving an honorarium and travel expenses for her presentation
Joe Klein – Receives a salary from Appalachian State University; is receiving an honorarium and travel expenses for his presentation
Joe Donaher – a salary from the Center for Childhood Communication at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Scott Palasik – Private practice specializing in stuttering; is receiving an honorarium and travel expenses for his presentation
Lee Caggiano – Private practice specializing in stuttering; is receiving an honorarium and travel expenses for her presentation

Non-Financial: Heather Grossman-none; Joe Klein-none; Joe Dohaher-none; Scott Palasik-none; Lee Caggiano-none

Testimonial for Friends One Day Conference

As a first time local host organizer, we found the process of setting up a one day conference to be very worthwhile. From the beginning, Lee Caggiano kept us informed of the requirements and provided good detail about the recommendations for everything from room necessities to activity ideas.

As a growing stuttering department, we felt this was an excellent way to open our doors to the stuttering community in central Indiana. Families of children who stutter, community SLP’s and local Universities were able to come together setting the foundation for future collaboration in helping those who stutter in Indiana!

Most impactful, however, was the privilege of having both Sara MacIntyre (conference coordinator) and Dr. Heather Grossman (guest speaker) lead our Indianapolis One Day Conference (February 2015). Sara was integral in organizing a successful day, from helping with ideas for our kid’s break-out sessions to gathering an inspiring panel of adult speakers who stutter. A person who stutters herself, Sara innately offered comfort to families that their own child can be a confident and successful communicator just like Sara-despite struggling with a stutter!

Dr. Grossman’s enlightening presentation set the stage for bountiful discussion from the parents and community SLP’s who attended. She clearly expressed the complexities associated with a stuttering diagnosis in a straight-forward manner which was appreciated by the audience. This allowed for honest discussion throughout the remainder of the conference, creating a rich and powerful day for each participant.

We were truly thrilled by the outcome of our ODC and look forward to organizing another ODC in the future!

Dana Stewart, MA, CCC-SLP

St. Vincent Health, Indianapolis, IN

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