FRIENDS is hosting our 26th Annual Convention in Chicago this year on July 13 – July 15, 2023. This three-day event is bound to be full of learning, important discussions, and fun. What can you expect from this conference? Keep reading to find out! 

Making Connections 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt isolated as a person who stutters? Well, you are in the perfect place! The FRIENDS organization is all about community, and our convention is a great way to connect with others and build a community full of people who stutter and allies of the stuttering community. 

From SLPs (speech language pathologists), to family members, to other phenomenal people who stutter, you are sure to find lots of people to connect with and relate to during these three days. 

Fun, Games, and Workshops

Get ready for three days of fun. From fun, interactive and inspiring workshops to baseball, you will not run out of fun activities to participate in. 

All proceeds go to helping Friends continue their life changing programs for young people who stutter and their families and the stuttering community. 

Chicago has numerous fun activities to partake in. Friday, July 14th, you and your FRIENDS will have the opportunity to explore the city or watch the Rosemont Dogs play baseball!

The FRIENDS Convention also features many exceptional facilitators and keynote speakers. Many of the speakers and facilitators are also people who stutter and all are making a difference in the stuttering community. Researchers in the field of stuttering will also share new information in the stuttering world

You can read more about each speaker and their story here.

Bottom Line

Surrounding yourself with FRIENDS and fun will be a life changing, unique experience. Have we convinced you to sign up yet? We certainly hope so!

How to Register?

You can register at this link. We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions or concerns, email us at

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