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A Hope About Our Children’s Lives

A Summary of the April Virtual Parent Group“At parent group this month we talked about grieving fluency. We sometimes have an idea or a hope about our children’s lives that has to be grieved in order to truly see who our child is, and who we all can become in light of...

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Acceptance is a journey, rather than a single event

A Summary of the April Virtual Adult Group“We had a wonderful group with participants from across the globe, with a few people who were meeting others who stutter for the very first time! We had an insightful discussion about voluntary stuttering, and one of our...

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Best Friends Were Made

A Summary of the April Virtual Teen Group“Best friends were made in April’s teen session! Teens from all over the country - East Coast to West Coast - came to talk about speaking up for themselves, standing up for ourselves, and educating others about stuttering. So...

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Una Sesión Increíblemente Enriquecedora

Un resumen del grupo virtual de familiares de marzo en español"Se unieron 19 personas y tuvimos una sesión increíblemente enriquecedora y de apoyo en nuestro grupo para familiares. Ser testigo de la conversación entre familias que enfrentan desafíos similares fue...

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Building Confidence With Our Stuttering

A Summary of the March Virtual Adult Group“We had 8 people join and had some great discussions. We talked about how to build confidence with our stuttering, such as using voluntary stuttering or putting ourselves in vulnerable situations to push ourselves out of our...

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Kind Words That Humans Need to Grow and Thrive

A Summary of the March Virtual Kids Group“We had a great time on Saturday. We played lip sync where one person lip-synced courageous phrases and the others guessed what was said. We read 'I am Courage' and talked about perseverance. We read the lyrics and sang the...

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