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Feeling Encouraged and Less Alone

A Summary of the March Virtual Parent Group“The parent group today was wonderful. We talked about our experiences with our children who stutter, how they can help us grow, and how we can best support and advocate for them. Author, Dori Holte, shared insights from her...

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The Process of Revealing Our Stuttering to Our World

A Summary of the February Virtual Adult Group“We had 10 people join our adult group on February 8th. Some joined from as far as the Phillippines, where it was 9AM! We discussed the pressure of hiding stuttering, the sometimes long and challenging process of revealing...

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Loving Our Children Exactly As They Are

A Summary of the January Virtual Parent Group“The Support Group for Parents of children who stutter kicked off well in the new year. We had a dozen parents willing to show up and share their experiences. The support group began off with a moment of silence to honor...

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Small Steps to Feel Empowered

A Summary of the January Virtual Adult Group“Eight individuals with shared experiences of stuttering came together in a supportive space to explore self-acceptance. We openly discussed the insidious shame often instilled around stuttering, from subtle societal...

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The Value of Taking Risks

A Summary of the January Virtual Teen Group“We had a great January teen group! We connected by sharing where we lived, our hobbies, and our favorite movies or TV shows. Hobbies ranged from music to video games to sports and playing instruments. Many people had...

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A Look Back at 2023

This was a year full of support, advocacy, and creativity -- here's our review.Friends in Ohio We kicked off the year with a one-day conference in Ohio, welcoming 15 families and adults who stutter. What a great way to start the year!Life on Delay We celebrated the...

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