Graduate Student Training Program

FRIENDS developed the Graduate Student Training Program (GSTP) to help graduate students in Speech Pathology get a better understanding of stuttering and its affect on children and their families. The FRIENDS GSTP provides a much needed and valuable clinical opportunity for many graduate students. This program also enhances the knowledge and experience graduate students acquire in the field of stuttering. The GSTP addresses the affective, behavioral and cognitive behaviors of a young person who stutters. Graduate students will spend time learning fro stuttering specialists and interacting with young people who stutter and their families.

The graduate students will:

Obtain information on stuttering and receive hands on experience with children who stutter
Observe what the young person who stutters experiences throughout the three day convention, seeing the children’s vast transformation from beginning of the convention to the end of day three
Learn how to successfully engage children who stutter in conversation
Attempt to help each child become as comfortable as possible talking and learning about stuttering with help of the workshop facilitator

The Graduate Student Training Program mission is:

To provide a valuable and unique experience for graduate Speech Language Pathology students over a three day period working with young people who stutter and their families by a) Learning from experienced stuttering specialists, and b) Interacting with other Speech Language Pathologists
In order to get the most out of this experience, we require the graduate student to volunteer for the entire day. This will provide consistency and continuity for both the SLP graduate student and the child who stutters. This consistency will increase comfort for the child who stutters and will provide the graduate student with a more comprehensive experience and increase their knowledge about stuttering.

If you are interested in this program:

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