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A child who stutters spends a large part of his or her life in the classroom. Below are some stories and ideas that may help children who stutter better cope with the hurdles presented in the classroom.

STUTTERING IS Hiding Burying myself in books Whispering Using bad habit Trying to be perfect Ignoring People Annoying Words caught in my throat Being stared at Not talking Avoiding Words caught in my mouth Scary Handicap Embarrassing Eating lunch by myself Trying to hide my speech Not chiming in Speeding Up Choppy Keeping to yourself Redirection attention Saying other things Covering Up Doing More Worrying all the time Throat drying up Hesitating Being Paranoid Never Volunteering

I was a little scared…and I did it anyway!

Young people who stutter show us acts of courage on a daily basis. They often make choices that may increase their risk of being uncomfortable, feeling different and possibly ending up at the receiving end of ridicule. Friends would like to honor these acts of...

What Kids Have to Say About Stuttering

Things I like about stuttering and being a kid who stutters: We get to go to FRIENDS Fake stuttering is fun to do It’s cool that a lot of people stutter Going to speech class Makes us us. We are unique I get to be different We get to meet people People can help me...

Wishes for Others – Denver

Dear Ian, I wish you were a millionaire! Plus cool hat! Also I wish you would never be bullied again. From, Evan Dear Wraith (chase), I hope you learn stuttering techniques. Your friend,Ian To: Ian honey badger Hope to be your captain next year and bring your shirt....

Wishes for Self – Denver

Parents: Meet new people and help others any way I can My  daughter will go to the group she is most comfortable in Young Adult or Teen. Help someone else or another family realize what I have and that stuttering is just another part of him. My best hope for this...

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