• I wish you would listen to me
  • I wish you would “get” me
  • I will always remember Friends no matter how old I get
  • I learned that stutterers have lots of support, no matter what
  • I’ve learned that its O. K. to stutter
  • I learned to be confident and you can still be a good communicator even if you stutter
  • Stuttering makes my child extra special
  • More understanding of how stuttering affects my son
  • To find ways to cope with this problem my son has
  • I learned about dating, stuttering, and a little baseball
  • I wish you would let me express my opinions

Never gts boring
Definitely cool!
Special in a good way

  • I will always remember the friends I met and feeling so comfortable being myself
  • I learned that being with a friend in the dark is better than being alone in the light
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