• Don’t overdo stuff – Chloe, 12 years old
  • Stop worrying – Maddie, 6 years old
  • Don’t get frustrated when you stutter- Nick, 10 years old
  • The only voice that matters is you. –Elizabeth, 8 years old
  • If someone is bothering you…it’s best to just resolve it with words. – Nick, 7 years old
  • Have self confidence and believe in yourself – Alysia
  • Be yourself! – Carly, 11 years old
  • Keep shining!- Melia, 16 years old
  • If your nice to me, Ill be nice to you – Emily
  • Feel better – Maddie, 6 years old
  • Don’t stop trying – Hadley
  • Make your life the best it cnoying, and sometimes it makes me nervous
  • It is OK to ask me questions about my stuttering and mebe! –Alysia
  • Stop being mean to me so we can be friends –Sarah
  • Keep your head up and don’t let others keep you down- Christine
  • Don’t listen to people who won’t listen to you. –Kyle
  • Don’t let people put you down – lily
  • We will always love you- Allie,

What we want our teachers to know by Gianna and Gracie ( Long Island 5th graders)

  • I still want to be called on
  • I want to be treated like everyone else
  • I don’t want you to interrupt me
  • I am not nervous- I just stutter
  • Stuttering is just a problem with your vocal folds
  • When there is a substitute, please tell the substitute that I stutter and tell them not to interupt me

What we want our classes to know about stuttering by Gianna and Gracie

  • Please don’t finish my sentences
  • I am not nervous- I just stutter
  • Sometimes stuttering feels OK to me, sometimes it is annoying and sometimes it makes me feel nervous

What we want to tell our classmates about stuttering by Ray, Ryan and Zach (Long Island 2nd and 4tyh graders

  • I stutter  and don’t bug me about it
  • Don’t laugh or tease me
  • I stutter and it isn’t that bad
  • I stutter and am proud
  • Just try to keep up with me
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