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STUTTERING IS Hiding Burying myself in books Whispering Using bad habit Trying to be perfect Ignoring People Annoying Words caught in my throat Being stared at Not talking Avoiding Words caught in my mouth Scary Handicap Embarrassing Eating lunch by myself Trying to hide my speech Not chiming in Speeding Up Choppy Keeping to yourself Redirection attention Saying other things Covering Up Doing More Worrying all the time Throat drying up Hesitating Being Paranoid Never Volunteering

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Inspiration for the Classroom


Teasing Inventory for School – Age Kids Who Stutter

by Constance Dugan, CCC/ SLP (Editors Note: The article is taken from the International Stuttering Awareness Day On-line Conference. ) We can help kids who are being teased IF we know it is happening. But children often keep this information to themselves unless we...

A Letter From Kristen

Dear 6th Grade Teachers, My name is Kristen Amato (and for all of you who had her, I'm Nicole Amato's sister). I am really looking forward to 6th grade. I'm also looking forward to meeting each of you and being in your class. I am writing to you today to let you know...

Classroom Presentation

Editor's Note: Autumn Williams, fought some deep fears to give a presentation on stuttering to her sixth-grade class. Her speech-language pathologist, Joanie Cahalan, interviewed her about the experience a month or so later. We obtained this article from the ISAD...

I Am Glad We Did It!

by Matthew K. Hi, my name is Matthew. I go to the Lawrence Middle School in Lawrence, New York, and I am in the sixth grade. I have seven brothers and three sisters. My mother and father are Reina and Chris. One of my brothers died when he was only six months old. I...

Going Off to College

by Michael Caggiano GOING OFF TO COLLEGE?  Here are a few tips from a recent graduate. As a recent college graduate who has stuttered for 23 years, I would like to pass along a few tips to deal with stuttering for those about to begin their college career. First, let...

Claire’s Letter

Dear -------------- , My name is Claire G. and I will be your student this year. I’m probably like most 7th graders, except I stutter. In the past, you may have had stuttering students, so you might know what to do when I speak. Here are some things that I want you to...

When It’s Over

by Pat Badgley Hi. Last Tuesday, which was International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD), I did a presentation about stuttering to my 6th grade class. Before the presentation I thought to myself that I really didn't want to do this and just cancel it. My teachers must...

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