It all starts on Thursday night

All kids are thinking: “Will they like me?, Will I stutter?, Will I make friends?”
Parents meet and talk to other parents; some stutter some don’t
Kids start to walk around and talk to other kids
They still don’t have answers to those questions.

Friday morning rolls around
People getting their name tags
Everybody makes their way into a room and FRIENDS is on their way
After a lil’ bit everybody splits up
Kids are scared
They will be all alone
Parents learn a bunch of information
Kids start to have fun with other kids who stutter
Friday goes by so fast
Night time rolls around
Now it’s time for fun: mall, sports game, dinner
Or just hanging out with friends is always fun! ,

Saturday comes and goes.
We will all remember the closing ceremony
Everyone cries of happiness
We have all made some great new friends

Kids don’t need answers to their questions
They have made new friends
We all cry as Saturday ends but;

We all look forward to next years FRIENDS!

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