A Summary of the January Virtual Teen Group

“We had a great January teen group! We connected by sharing where we lived, our hobbies, and our favorite movies or TV shows. Hobbies ranged from music to video games to sports and playing instruments. Many people had overlapping interests and had fun meeting others like them.

We talked about communication, success, and challenges since the start of the new year and the value of taking risks and feeling proud when doing something hard. Someone shared how they challenged their fear of public speaking and were talking to his entire school about stuttering. Another person shared how she ordered what she wanted and how it felt good to say what she wanted to say. We talked about how stuttering can be hard at times, but that doesn’t have to stop us from communicating effectively. We could be proud of what we did do, and celebrate that.

— Chaya Goldstein-Schuff on facilitating the January 10 Teens Group

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