Virtual Teen Groups

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Friends is really excited to offer Virtual Teen Groups for teens who stutter! The purpose of these groups is to create a safe space for teens to connect, inspire, and laugh with friends who stutter. All groups will be supervised by an adult.

Please fill out the form below to register. At this time, the groups will be limited to the first 20 teens to sign up. 

Upcoming Dates: Wednesdays at 7:30 PM Eastern on 6/12/24 and 8/14/24

Register Here: Friends Teen Group Registration

Group Summary

Group Photo from May's Virtual Teen Group

“The teens had a great meet-up on 5/8/24! After some ice breaker activities, we had a lively discussion about what bugs us about how listeners react to our stuttering. Some teens in the group had previously disclosed their stuttering, and others who had never tried it before, so we chatted about what’s hard about disclosure and also what’s helpful about it. We also talked about the upcoming National Stuttering Awareness Week and what we could try to do that week to try to spread the word about stuttering. We ended with the teens sharing what they want to grow in (inspired by all the plants growing this spring), and how it’s productive to ‘feel the fear but do it anyways.’ Thanks to everyone who joined!”

— Naomi Rodgers on facilitating the May 8th Teen Group


Naomi Rodgers is an assistant professor at the University of Iowa where she researchers the social, emotional, and cognitive aspects of stuttering and also teaches students who are on their way to becoming speech-language pathologists. Her journey as a person who stutters and engagement in the stuttering support community over the past 15 years have been a continual source of inspiration for her, both personally and professionally. Naomi lives in Iowa City, IA with her husband, young daughter, and two goldendoodles. Email Naomi

Photo of Christian Zapata

Christian Zapata is a person who stutters and has been a member of Friends for 13 years. He has loved coming to national conferences every year and meeting new friends who stutter while also catching up with old stuttering friends! Friends has had an incredibly positive impact on his life and how he views stuttering. Christian has just finished his Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Maryland in 2024 after completing his undergraduate studies at Penn State. Email Christian

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