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Connect with Friends no matter where you are.

No matter where you live, you have Friends!

 We know that stuttering can sometimes feel isolating and that no one else understands. At Friends, we are here for you! We are now offering monthly virtual programming, including kid groups, teen groups, adult groups, parent groups, and special monthly events — a time for everyone! Join us as we support one another, young people who stutter, their families and the stuttering community. Please use this page for reference as we share updates on these activities. We also invite you to engage with us on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Virtual Kids Groups

A space for kids who stutter to meet other kids who stutter, make friends who stutter, and enjoy each other’s company.
Upcoming dates: Saturdays at 10:00 AM Eastern on 6/8/24 and 8/10/24

Virtual Teen Groups

A space for teens to connect, inspire, and laugh with friends who stutter.
Upcoming dates: Wednesdays at 7:30 PM Eastern on 6/12/24 and 8/14/24

Virtual Adult Groups for 20-30 Year Olds

A space for young adults who stutter to share stories and laughs in a safe and caring space.
Upcoming dates: Thursdays at 7:30 PM Eastern on 6/13/24 and 8/8/24

Virtual Parent Groups in English

A space for parents, guardians, and relatives to connect, share ideas and concerns, and learn helpful strategies to best support their young person who stutters.
Upcoming dates: Saturdays at 12:00 PM Eastern on 6/8/24 and 8/10/24

Grupos para Familiares en Español / Virtual Parent Groups in Spanish

Un espacio donde padres, madres, tutores y otros familiares pueden conectarse, compartir ideas e inquietudes, y aprender estrategias útiles para apoyar mejor a su menor con tartamudez.

Próxima fecha: Jueves 20 de junio a las 8:30 PM – Hora en Michigan, Estados Unidos – Hora del este (EDT) 

Community Speaker Series

A space for everyone to come together to learn, reflect, laugh, and inspire. 

Friends Supporting Friends

This is a discussion group where we invite people to share ideas and messages of support during the challenging times we are currently living through. Everyone is welcome to share activities they have done with their families that others may be interested in hearing, as well as interesting online resources and notes of support. And of course, this forum can simply be used to connect with Friends! Click here to join the group. (Note: You must be logged into Facebook to view this group.)

Virtual Open Mic

Friends is starting a virtual open mic! If you’ve attended an annual convention, then you know how much fun and empowering open mics are. In this challenging time that may feel a bit isolating, the virtual open mic offers young people who stutter and their families a platform to share their voices and connect with the stuttering community. It’s your time to be heard. Tell a joke, share your best advice for someone else who stutters, do a dance, play an instrument, or share something else that brings you joy! If you are interested in participating, talk to a parent or guardian and then email a short video to!

Watch Lexi and Josette’s open mic videos here!

Here are some ideas!

  • Send your thanks to healthcare workers
  • Sing a song
  • Play an instrument
  • Tell a joke
  • Your best advice to another person who stutters
  • Your best advice to a younger child who stutters
  • What would you like to say to your parents about stuttering?
  • Your best advice to teachers with students who stutter
  • What is one (or a couple of things) you are thankful for?
  • While you are home, what are some things you are doing that make you happy?
  • What is one hobby you have picked up, or are planning to pick up during the coming weeks?
  • If there is one thing you could tell the coronavirus, what would it be?

Creating a Stutter-Friendly Virtual Learning Environment

Classroom settings can often be a site of stress and obstacles for children who stutter. Concerns that students may have about being given the opportunity and time to speak may be amplified as classes move online. Additionally, outside stress and the change in routine might make this time an exceptionally difficult one for students to manage their stuttering. To learn of some ways that you, as teachers, can make your virtual classroom an accommodating learning environment, read more here. (Young people and parents, this is also a great resource to download and share with your teachers.)

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