Dear Ian,

I wish you were a millionaire! Plus cool hat! Also I wish you would never be bullied again.

From, Evan

Dear Wraith (chase),

I hope you learn stuttering techniques.

Your friend,Ian

To: Ian honey badger

Hope to be your captain next year and bring your shirt.

Ryan Bliss

From Liam: I wish Quinn lived next to me Seth lived close to me. Leslie had mansion

From Ryan: I just wish I could stop stuttering, but that doesn’t matter.

From Riley: I wish Grant would keep having fun.

From Ryan: I wish that Friends would never end and I hope I come next year and each year gets better.

I’ve seen your grandson with kids all weekend. He continued to grow and realized the gift he has in grandparents in you.

From Allen: I wish to see your whole family at next year’s convention. I wish the schools and teachers would understand that Sonny is a very special kind hearted kid

I wish you can realize that no matter how much we get on each other’s nerves it means a lot to me that you come to all these with me.

I wish to be back next year.

Chase- I hope you continue on your path to understanding and you can change the world one client at a time.

I hope Jimmy has the chance to become the chef he has always wanted to be

Clifford: I wish everybody here can have a great time at Friends.

I wish that all the families who have not been fortunate enough to find Friends will do so and come and join us.

I hope my girlfriends Julie figures out how to live with me.

I hope my friend Jeremiah finds whatever he is looking for.

I hope Gracie continues to be one of the bravest people I know.

I wish luck to all the grad and doc students and to spend the word about the experience here.

How inspirational, brave, and perfect you are, you are my hero, you and chase both.

All of my friends on Friday and all the people a part of my new family and anyone who thinks they are a part of a new family.

All the grad students will take not just one thing but a lot of things from here and apply it to our future practice.

I hope you had tons of fun at your first conference and that you gain a lot of confidence because you are fun to talk to.

You are my rock and I am so glad you are safe and thank you for being there at all the conference.

I wish a sense of peace and comfort to all those who question  if they are doing the right things for their children, you are, you are here.

Mckenna: Get home safely Khyra.

Ryan: I wish I could stop stuttering but that doesn’t matter.

Khrya: I would forget about you Mckenna.

Liam: Dear Quin, I wish you could get anything you wanted and you go full service from everyone.

For McDermits: I hope they can go easy on themselves because they are already doing a great job.

I wish the best for Sunny and that your family continues to be with us at friends and that Sunny realizes he is not broken. I wish him acceptance and peace.

I wish Steve and Gage speedy recovery.

I wish Friends would continue to meet every single year and never ever end.

I wish that everyone who stutters never loses their voice. No matter how hard your stuttering gets never lose your voice.

Everybody here who helped with the scholarships had a great time.

For Otis: I hope we would meet again someday.

I wish my mom has a great time here.

Ryan: I wish you had all the Legos in the world.

Dear Dean, I wish you would win a million dollars. I wish you would never bet bullied again.

Linda: I wish you continued success and that you use anger as a tool.

I wish Jada can make friends outside of here.

I love you you are all my favorite person in the world. I hope you know how much I adore you and how inspired I am by you everyday.

I wish the school your son attends and the teacher know that your son is a big, kind, gentle kid.

Patty: I wish I can continue to do and practice the things you have taught me to get me where I am now.

Melissa: I wish you realize how much I appreciate you are the most kind, patient, women I had ever met. I hope you know how much I appreciate you accepting me into your life.

Thank you to all the wonderful people especially the Hankins.

Wish Friends a happy 15th birthday.

Dr. David Luterman and his wife are able to come back next year.

Ms. Luterman live her life to the fullest and I wish to see her again.

Grace I hope you see in yourself what I see in you, the beautiful, witty person you are. I hope you find your voice.

I hope that Gracy continues to be one of the bravest people I know.

I wish for all of us to remember the power of talking to each other and remember everything  that went on the last few days.

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