Dear Lee,
Words cannot express what this weekend did for Frank and I. AMAZING doesn’t do it justice. Frank had an amazing time and cannot wait to see his friends again. Dmitry, Alex, Nick, and Ryan was all he spoke about. I have learned so much about Frank this one weekend, its incredible! I was so sad to leave my newfound friends. All though it’s only been a weekend, I felt we bonded so much.

You and your crew have done a wonderful job of putting this foundation together. The support, laughs, tears and just plain letting loose was a great medium to release the stress and learn about what Frank is going through.

The parents were so encouraging, supportive and very concerned. I thank the Wilsons for taking time out and keeping me informed and introducing me as the new family in the crowd. I have never met such inspirational people in my life!

Tony, Ryan, Mike, and John, just to name a few, were amazing speakers! Frank wouldn’t take off my Friends T-shirt!
We can’t wait till Tampa!!!

I love FRIENDS!!!

Esmihan Almontaser
Proud mom of a child who stutters
Frank Althaibani

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