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For Teachers

A child who stutters spends a large part of his or her life in the classroom. Below are some stories and ideas that may help children who stutter better cope with the hurdles presented in the classroom.

How to give a classroom presentation on stuttering

Introduction Ask the students What is a Speech-Language Pathologist? What kind of things do SLP’s work on with kids? Have any of you ever worked with a SLP? What is stuttering? Learn more about stuttering by watching a movie we made (For Kids, By Kids So what did you...

Teacher Letters

Dear Teacher, My name is Ryan.  I’m just a regular kid and I stutter. Stuttering is when someones speech gets stuck It hurts when people make fun of me please help me try to make the kids stop. Sensearly, Ryan Dear Teacher, I have some things to work on. I studder I...

Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher, Hey, I’m Grace and I will be in your ________ class.  I’m writing this letter to let you know that, well, I stutter, and I feel like I gotta let you know some stuff about it – how I plan on dealing with it to make myself more comfortable in class. ...

Telling Teachers

by Aileen Hi Ms. XXX, My name is Aileen I and am going to be in your AP Calculus class. I wanted to let you know that I stutter. I have decided that emailing you may help you to understand some things about stuttering that you might not already know. Stuttering is...

Telling The Class About Stuttering

by Francine J. Bliss Should you tell the class about stuttering? The response from my nine year old son, who stutters is, “YES!” Ryan has done so for three years now. I have never regretted asking him to do it. His first time telling his class was in the middle of...

Ryan’s School Letter

Dear _________________________________, Hi!  My name is Ryan Bliss.  I am 9 years old.  I live in Commack.  I wanted to let you know that I stutter.  Stuttering is when your vocal cords get stuck and sometimes you repeat sounds or words. The best way to help me is to...

About Me

(Editors Note: This is a class presentation that Friends member Aileen of New York gave to her tenth grade class.) Hi my name is Aileen. I am the oldest of 3 children and I have a dog named Maggie who is almost 3 years old and gets treated like the fourth child....

A Proud Mom’s Story

(Editors Note: This is a story about a girl who stutters and her mom, who is very proud of her.) Summer vacation was about over and back-to-school time was just around the corner. Before a new school year begins, we make a phone call to our daughter’s new teacher, to...

How I Advocated for Myself… Or How to Make Jeopardy Work for You

by Ashlee Walsh My name is Ashlee Walsh and I did a presentation on stuttering my English class. I really thought that it was a good idea because most people have no clue what stuttering really is. I also thought that, eventually, the class would notice something was...

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