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Dear Teacher,

My name is Ryan.  I’m just a regular kid and I stutter. Stuttering is when someones speech gets stuck It hurts when people make fun of me please help me try to make the kids stop.



Dear Teacher,

I have some things to work on.

  1. I studder
  2. I have ADHD
  3. I am VERY sensitive

There is nothing wrong about me. Everyone thinks I’m awesome.


Dear Teacher,

My name is Nicholas..  When I stutter it isn’t becuas I am thinking I m trying to get out of a bump.

Dear Teacher,

My name is  James. I stutter and I’m not nervos when I stutter I just can’t get the word out. Some other intesting things about me is that I ride horses. I rode in the Hamtin Classic witch is a really cool horse show. I’m really excited for this school year.

Dear Teacher,

My name is Liam.. I stutter. Please call on me when I am not rasing my hand.



Dear Teacher,

I want you to know about my stuttering. Sometimes it’s hard for me to say what I want to say. Please be patient. I know you’re trying to help when you finish my sentences, but it’s annoying.  Thank You, Chrissy

Dear Teacher,

I just wanted to let you know that I studder. So don’t laugh at me if I ‘m having trouble saying the word I’m trying to say. Also that I don’t want you finishing my sentences.  Signned,


To my new teacher,

My name is Ashlee. And I stutter. Thank you for listening to me! If I need extra time, please be patient and give me time to answer. I can’t wait to meet you and be in your class.


Dear Teacher,

I can’t wait to be in your new class and I am excited for this year. My name is… I am a regular kid but I want you to know I stutter sometimes,

Good by, Matthew

Dear Teacher,

I would like to tell you that I stuttur. Stutturing means to hae trouble saying words. I also like legos. I like math and writing. I also don’t llike to be bullyed so if I have trouble saying a word I will resay the word again. I have the Friends group wich helped me write this letter. I also love learning and video games. SO this letter is to tell you that I will try my best in school.  From your student, Ella

Dear Teacher,

I want you to know I stutter. You may have noticed it. Stuttering happens when someone finds it difficult to get out words. You could help me by waiting for me to finish speaking, and not fill in for me.  Thank you, Owen

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