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How rewarding it is to say exactly what we want

A Summary of the June Virtual Adult Group“We had a great group (as always) with 10 people! It was great to see returning faces as well as new ones. We discussed how our stuttering changes when we are with other people versus talking when we are alone and why that...

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Chatting about life, stuttering, and summer!

A Summary of the June Virtual Teen Group“Teens had an awesome time talking sports, comics, art, and everything in between! We brought our pets into the group and asked each other questions about stuttering being a great part of our lives! So many of our teens have fun...

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Gratitude for Community

A Summary of the June Virtual Parent GroupThis month we expressed gratitude for community. Being a parent of a PWS can be a lonely journey, and having an organization with brilliant SLPs who can help us better understand stuttering, while also providing an environment...

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Something to say about stuttering

A Summary of the June Virtual Kids GroupIt was a great morning hanging out with the Friends kid group on Zoom! We read a book called Something to Say about Stuttering, and then we talked about what helps us when we stutter, what does not help us and who the people in...

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A Parallel Process for Parents

A Summary of the May Virtual Parent Group“Today, we talked about how there is a parallel process going on for parents. They, like their children who stutter, experience similar things. They both worry about what other people think, feel fear and shame around...

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Things we wish the world knew about stuttering

A Summary of the May Virtual Kids GroupName a better way to start National Stuttering Awareness Week than with the Friends Kids Group! We had such a fun time together on Saturday! After playing a fun advertising game, we talked about things we wished the world knew...

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