1. Introduction – Ask the students:
    • What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?
    • What kind of things do SLP’s work on with kids?
    • Have any of you ever worked with a SLP?
    • What is stuttering?
  2. Learn more about stuttering by watching a video from the FRIENDS YouTube channel 
    • So what did you learn?
  3. Do any of you know any famous people who stutter?
  4. We have a real expert on stuttering in the room
    • Could you help to show these guys what stuttering sounds like?  (types or harder/easier)
    • Let’s see if you were all paying attention.  Pseudo stutter on your names and we will judge each  of you
    • (The CWS rates their stuttering and each get candy)
  5. We work really hard in speech therapy
    • Demonstrate therapy techniques with the child as a model
    • Ask for some volunteers to try the techniques
  6. There are things that you can do to help too.
    • What do you want a listener to do when you speak?  (create list)
    • What don’t you want a listener to do when you are speaking
    • These are the same things that you should/should not  do with a PWS.
  7. Many CWS are teased about their speech
    • How many of you have ever been teased?
    • What were you teased about?  How did it feel?
    • What should you do if you are being teased/bullied?
    • What could you do to help someone else who is being teased/bullied?
  8. Awards
    1. Classroom award
    2. Student award
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