1. Introduction
    1. Ask the students
      • What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?
      • What kind of things do SLP’s work on with kids?
      • Have any of you ever worked with a SLP?
      • What is stuttering?
  2. Learn more about stuttering by watching a movie we made (For Kids, By Kids
    1. So what did you learn?
  3. Do any of you know any famous people who stutter?
  4. We have a real expert on stuttering in the room
    1. Could you help to show these guys what stuttering sounds like?  (types or harder/easier)
    2. Let’s see if you were all paying attention.  Pseudo stutter on your names and we will judge each  of you
    3. (The CWS rates their stuttering and each get candy)
  5. We work really hard in speech therapy
    1. Demonstrate therapy techniques with the child as a model
    2. Ask for some volunteers to try the techniques
  6. There are things that you can do to help too.
    1. What do you want a listener to do when you speak?  (create list)
    2. What don’t you want a listener to do when you are speaking
    3. These are the same things that you should/should not  do with a PWS.
  7. Many CWS are teased about their speech
    1. How many of you have ever been teased?
    2. What were you teased about?  How did it feel?
    3. What should you do if you are being teased/bullied?
    4. What could you do to help someone else who is being teased/bullied?

  8. Awards
    1. Classroom award
    2. Student award
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