Dear ————– ,
My name is Claire G. and I will be your student this year. I’m probably like most 7th graders, except I stutter. In the past, you may have had stuttering students, so you might know what to do when I speak.

Here are some things that I want you to know about me: I like school and I get good grades. I have many friends inside and outside of school. Sometimes, I participate in class, but since I stutter, I’m shy.

Here’s what I do when I stutter: My vocal cords get stuck (block) and the sound won’t come out. I sometimes close my eyes tightly and I put my chin to my chest. My tongue might click several times, too.

Here’s what you can do when I stutter: Please don’t finish my sentences or talk when I do. I need a cue from you before you call on me. Also, please give me more time to talk or answer in class.

I have made my own goal for the year: I will participate at least once in each period, each day.

I hope that I can help you learn more about stuttering, which can help me have a good year. Sincerely,

Claire G.

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