Sibling Advice from the 2009 Convention:

  • Don’t overdo stuff — Chloe, 12 years old
  • Stop worrying — Maddie, 6 years old
  • Don’t get frustrated when you stutter — Nick, 10 years old
  • The only voice that matters is you. — Elizabeth, 8 years old
  • If someone is bothering you…it’s best to just resolve it with words.— Nick, 7 years old
  • Have self confidence and believe in yourself —Alysia
  • Be yourself— Carly, 11 years old
  • Keep shining:- Melia, 16 years old
  • If your nice to me, I’ll be nice to you — Emily
  • Feel better —Maddie, 6 years old
  • Don’t stop trying— Hadley
  • Make your life the best it cnoying, and sometimes it makes me nervous
  • It is OK to ask rue questions a bout my stuttering and rnebe! —Alysia
  • Stop being mean to me so we can be friends —Sarah
  • Keep your head up and don’t let others keep you down- Christine
  • Don’t listen to people who won’t listen to you. —Kyle
  • Don’t let people put you down — lily
  • We will always love you- Al e,

What we want our teachers to know by Gianna and Gracie ( Long Island 5″ graders)

  • I still want to be called on
  • I want to be treated like everyone else
  • I don’t want you to interrupt me
  • I am not nervous- I just stutter
  • Stuttering is just a problem with your vocal folds
    • When there’s a substitute, please tell the substitute that I stutter and tell them not to interupt Me

What we want our classes to know about stuttering by Gianna and Gracie

  • Please don’t finish my sentences
  • I am not nervous- I just stutter
    • Sometimes stuttering feels OK to me, sometimes it is annoying and sometimes it makes me feel nervous
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