Notes from the Fish Bowl

Why stuttering may be worth changing:

  • Can show other who stutter how to change yourself.
  • It is part of you , embrace and work worth it.
  • Stuttering makes you scared
  • Helps get you point across and easier to communicate
  • Change is a wonderful thing
  • Easier for people to understand your message
  • I would like to talk normal
  • Save energy and frustration if you have a bad day
  • Gives you confidence and helps you to conquer your life and its obstacles
  • Allows me to be more open and show other parts of me
  • Be more open about techniques, people, jobs, and all things around you
  • We all on the same level and wish speaking was easier
  • Change makes you open, you have to learn how to talk so you can be successful , job wise and in life
  • Gives you confidence
  • Makes you appreciate things and makes you a better person, shapes me
  • Gets you out of your comfort zone

Why stuttering may not be worth changing

  • Holds you back when you are yourself, you can participate do things you want to do
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