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Things I like about stuttering and being a kid who stutters:

  • We get to go to FRIENDS
  • Fake stuttering is fun to do
  • It’s cool that a lot of people stutter
  • Going to speech class
  • Makes us us.
  • We are unique
  • I get to be different
  • We get to meet people
  • People can help me
  • Having a completely unique stutter like a fingerprint
  • It sets me apart from others
  • I get to meet people who are special
  • I get to miss class to go to speech
  • Stuttering makes me who I am
  • Being with people I’ve met through stuttering
  • It makes you more compassionate towards others
  • You feel a part of a group
  • I have the opportunity to make friends that have more in common with me than others
  • I get to go on facebook and practice reading aloud
  • Closer relationships with other stutters.
  • It makes me a better communicator
  • You get candy if you are good
  • Brings families closer together
  • I do stuff that is fun to practice at home
  • I have friends who care for me,, they don’t judge me for who I am
  • It’s just stuttering and not anything worse
  • I can still cheer and become captain of the cheer team
  • I am still just like everyone else
  • I can use my music talent and sing and play guitar
  • You’re not alone
  • If I feel a bump I can pull it out
  • I’m a normal teen
  • Makes me understanding of people.

Adapted from FRIENDS 2010 Annual Convention

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