Announcement: Junior Leadership Board

FRIENDS is excited to announce the kickoff of the Junior Leadership Board. This new initiative is sparked by the young adults within FRIENDS who share a passion for helping and stepping up to make FRIENDS serve the stuttering community even better.

Mission Statement: The Junior Executive Board (JEB) is dedicated to inspiring young adults who have grown with FRIENDS to become leaders within the organization, the stuttering community and their own communities.

Purpose: JEB teaches young adults the skills they need to become successful leaders and facilitates opportunities for them to apply those skills. The JEB empowers this next generation of leaders to help FRIENDS grow locally and to make a difference in the stuttering community and their own communities through collaboration, support, advocacy and education.

The JEB plans to focus on aspects of the three-day convention, PR and one-day conferences, and fundraising. If you are interested in more information, please contact one of the facilitators.

Reuben Schuff (
Ryan McDermott (
Angelina Bruno-Metzger (

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