• I want you to know that I love you endlessly.
  • It is to know many times what you’re feeling
  • I wish you would  be less protective
  • I hope to be a successful in life as you when I grow up
  • Thank you for helping me.
  • I truly love you more than life itself
  • I really don’t care if you stutter. I just don’t want you to care either.
  • I am very proud of you
  • I am more frustrated by your difficulty than you are at times because of how hard this is for you.
  • He is the more frustrating joy of my life. A true thrill!
  • I get nervous talking to you on the phone because I don’t know what to do when you block. L
  • You are my hero and someone I would like to be like.
  • I want you to know that I may not be the best parent at times, but it’t not your fault. I am sorry that I cam not always loving but I love you!!
  • You are the most sensitive and humble child in all our family
  • I accept you as you are
  • Nothing worth while comes easy in life
  • It’s ok if you stutter. I will still listen to you
  • I am very proud of you- the courage you have!
  • I don’t care that you stutter, or if you stutter for the rest of your stutter for the rest of your life. I only want you to be happy and confident with youself.
  • You make us so proud.
  • I love you no matter what!
  • I love you who you are! Forever!
  • I am very proud of your courage
  • I want you to learn to deal with your stuttering in a healthy way and enjoy life!
  • I have never been ashamed of you and love you so much.
  • I am proud of how you work hard and not let stuttering define who you are
  • Love you- even when you stutter
  • A parent tries to protect any child, we don’t do the things we do because you stutter. We do it because that is what a parent does. (care, love and protect)
  • You have the ability to do anything you want to do in life.
  • I love you whether you stutter or not.
  • I’m sorry that I corrected you speech as much as I did when you were little…before I really understood
  • Your stuttering is not who yyou are. Don’t ever forget what a wonderful person who you are and that you have wonderful things to say
  • I want you to know that you are an amazing person. Stuttering doesn’t change who  you are inside.
  • You have always been my pride and joy
  • I will always be there for you
  • I love you and am proud of you because you are you.
  • I don’t have all the answers
  • Be a good thinker


Cant tell:

You are my hero- you have so much courage and strength I want you to know how much I love you and look up to you

I admire your courage and strength, especially speaking in front of people

I used to make fun of my uncle who stuttered


From FRIENDS 2011 Annual Convention

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