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FRIENDS is the only national organization dedicated solely to empowering young people who stutter and their families

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FRIENDS 20th Annual Convention

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Thanks for attending and helping to make FRIENDS 2016 an unforgettable weekend with amazing people!

Dear Friends,

Words cannot describe the impact of the annual Friends Convention on the Mills Family! After attending a one day conference in Indianapolis in February, we knew that attending the the annual convention would be important. However, in early June we had decided that the cost of bringing the entire family would be too great. Thanks to the generosity of donors, who obviously know the value of attending the convention, we were able to bring our family of five. The experience truly changed our lives for the better. My daughter Shay, and myself, stutter. While Shay has grown up in an open and nurturing home (thanks for her mother!), I have barely acknowledged my stutter. The convention has changed all of this! Shay met other children who stutter, her siblings learned from other siblings of children who stutter, Lori enjoyed the parent workshops, and I gained so much confidence from the adult workshops. In fact, I found my way onto the StutterTalk Podcast! Being on the podcast was not only an honor, but has helped me to openly discuss my stutter for the first time. Thank you to Friends and StutterTalk for being there for our family!

Sincerely, Brad Mills


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Stepping Up

A teen mentoring program gives teens who stutter the opportunity to support children who stutter

Convention Scholarship Program

A PhD convention scholarship program that helps PhD students gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of children who stutter and their families

Past Issues of Reaching Out

Reaching Out was a bi-monthly Newsletter –  a quarterly digest of reflections and information on the stuttering experience for young people.

Our mission is to provide support, education and empowerment to children and teens who stutter, their families and clinicians.

Our annual conventions and regional one day conferences provide the opportunities for life changing experiences that can change long lasting feelings about stuttering and offer new hope for a life with stuttering. FRIENDS seeks to make life easier for young people who stutter and their families. The FRIENDS office and toll free number is temporarily down as we are shifting home base! In the meantime, email friends@friendswhostutter.org for any questions/queries.