If You Stutter…You have FRIENDS!

FRIENDS is the only national organization dedicated solely to empowering young people who stutter and their families


Thanks for attending and helping to make FRIENDS 2015 an unforgettable weekend with amazing people!

From the Julianne, Jack, Bill and Anna Rae Furlong, On behalf of my entire family, let me express our gratitude for the generous scholarship given us for attendance at this year’s 18th Annual Friends Convention. Upon arriving at the absolutely beautiful venue of the Cary NC Embassy Suites, we were warmly welcomed by everyone from the hotel and conference alike. As first time attendees we were unsure of quite what to expect. We had heard good reviews from previous convention goers but weren’t prepared for the total immersion of acceptance and feeling of family. To be honest, it was like going to a family reunion and meeting relatives you’ve never met before. What an overwhelming, palpable feeling of belonging! There really is no perfect way to describe the whole convention because it is a multi-dimensional feeling of support, acceptance and empowerment all at the same time. It really struck us that for the entirety of the convention, stuttering was the norm and no excuses were made for it which is the exact opposite of every other day of the year when fluency is king. What a perfect world it would be if we all took our unconditional acceptance and listening skills on the road. The Friends Convention has re-defined my understanding of and the ability to be “in the moment”. What a gift! We should all focus on the meaning of the communication and not the vehicle it arrives in. What a safe harbor you all have created over the course of 18 years! Kudos to you all for the workshops and speakers- they were awesome, insightful and inspiring! We can’t wait to see all our new “Friends” next year in Columbus. Thanks again for the generous scholarship. Personal thanks to Lee Caggiano, Ed Samp, the Ostergaards, Ruth McDermott and Jeff Shames. Our warmest regards, Julianne, Jack, Bill and AnnaRae Furlong

Photos from FRIENDS 2015


Annual Convention and Regional One Day Conferences. Learn more about the Upcoming One-Day Conferences here

Stepping Up

A teen mentoring program gives teens who stutter the opportunity to support children who stutter

Convention Scholarship Program

A PhD convention scholarship program that helps PhD students gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of children who stutter and their families

Past Issues of Reaching Out

Reaching Out was a bi-monthly Newsletter –  a quarterly digest of reflections and information on the stuttering experience for young people.

Our mission is to provide support, education and empowerment to children and teens who stutter, their families and clinicians.

Our annual conventions and regional one day conferences provide the opportunities for life changing experiences that can change long lasting feelings about stuttering and offer new hope for a life with stuttering. FRIENDS seeks to make life easier for young people who stutter and their families. The FRIENDS office and toll free number is temporarily down as we are shifting home base! In the meantime, email friends@friendswhostutter.org for any questions/queries.