27th Annual Convention

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Convention Theme

This year’s convention theme is “Living Your Legacy”

We dedicate the theme of this year’s convention to our dearly missed co-founder Lee Caggiano’s incredible legacy to the stuttering community, as well as the potential legacies within each one of us.

Legacies don’t have to be about what we leave behind. They could be about how we shape ourselves, our communities, and the differences we make in the present, here and now. We each bring a unique legacy into this world. Let’s take small steps together towards living our potentials more fully.

We ask our kids, teens, and adults who stutter:

What are all the things you would do if the fear of stuttering didn't hold you back?

What difference would you like to make?

How has stuttering impacted who you are and how you are in the world?

If you could make your legacy a reality within your lifetime, what would that look like?

How would you like to be seen and known by others, not in the future, but today?

Registration is open! We hope you’ll join us this summer in Denver as we delve into this theme, build supportive relationships, and come together in our stuttering community.

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